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KC Angelur Fantastic Flower (f 03 22)

JJCH CH Fiorit Muzuru*PL (e 22)

E........ Muzuru*PL

Black classic tabby with white (n 09 22)

Information for those who are interested in Siberian kittens from Muzuru*PL Cattery

Description of kittens' statuses:

  • AVAILABLE - the kitten is available, it is possible to reserve it,

  • OBSERVATION - the kitten is observed by an interested person but has not been reserved yet, it may be available,

  • RESERVATION - the deposit has been paid, the kitten is not available. 


Our Siberian kittens leave the cattery at the minimum age of 14 weeks.

They are dewormed, vaccinated and microchipped, and supplied with:

  • health book or passport,

  • pedigree,

  • sales contract,

  • veterinarian's certificate of health of the kitten,

  • layette.

A sales contract is concluded with the new owner of the kitten. The basis for the reservation of a kitten is the payment of a deposit of 1/3 of the price of the kitten. The deposit is refundable only in case of cancellation of the kitten reservation due to the fault of the breeder. 


Kittens not intended for breeding are sold after the castration procedure.

Kittens intended for breeding are sold only to catteries registered with WCC (World Cat Congress) member organizations: FIFe, WCF, TICA, CFA.


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