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Due to my allergy, for a long time we didn't even think about owning a cat, although our son dreamed of a "cuddly pet". It turned out, however, that there is a cat breed that does not cause allergies in me - the Siberian cat . And so on Christmas 2013, Harlet Mały Lampart*PL - our first Siberian female - black tortie with white (f 09) came to our home. Harlet, called at home Mrunia, immediately won our hearts and made us fall in love with this breed and we decided to breed these wonderful cats.

Due to the fact that Mrunia was not a female intended for breeding, our first breeding female was Fancy Zwycięzca*PL with a black golden classic tabby color (ny 22), who on 10.04.2015 became the mother of the first litter in our cattery.

While participating in the Purebred Cat Shows, our attention was drawn to the blue-golden color (ay) that was rare in Siberian cats and we decided to bring a female of this color to our cattery. As a result, in mid-2015, a blue golden spotted (ay 24) female, Utari Amavi*PL, came to us from Wrocław, and soon after - from Ustroń - a blue golden classic tabby (ay 22) female, Dasha z Bram Beskidów*PL. We would like to thank the breeders of our cats for the trust they have placed in us!


In November 2016, our dream of a blue-golden breeding male came true - our female cats were joined by a male imported from Italy - Veselka Casper (ay 22). We are very grateful to his breeder for entrusting us with this wonderful cat!

In the following years, our cats were joined by female cats:

  • SE*Voyakas Aniva Astrakhan - blue tortie classic tabby (g 22) - from Sweden,

  • Starsiberia B*Malina- black-golden classic tabby (ny 22) - from Russia,

  • Angelur Fantastic Flower - black bicolour tortie classic tabby (f 03 22) - from Russia,

  • Ochra Zwycięzca*PL - black-golden classic tabby (ny 22),

  • Jaga Cezaria*PL - blue-golden tortie classic tabby (gy 22),

  • Karuba Muzuru*PL- black-golden classic tabby (ny 22) - born in our cattery,

  • Pailin Muzuru*PL - blue-golden tortie classic tabby (gy 22) - born in our cattery,

  • Elyara Molaska - black bicolour tortie classic tabby (f 03 22) - from Italy;


and males:

  • Goldenesima Sarro - blue golden classic tabby (ay 22) - from Switzerland,

  • Fiorit Muzuru*PL - cream classic tabby (e 22) - born in our cattery.

Muzuru*PL is a home cattery - our cats are members of our family, and our kittens are very well socialized - we surround them with love, give them a lot of attention and pamper them.


The cattery is FeLV (feline leukemia) and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Syndrome) free. We perform the necessary genetic tests and echocardiographic tests for HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy of the heart) for our cats.

Veterinary care over our breeding is performed by medicine. vet. Tomasz Kuszewski and doctor. vet. Łukasz Wójtowicz (Veterinary Office , ul. Łowicka 7/15, 02-584 Warsaw, tel. 22 844 00 05, mobile tel. 608 577 881).


Hodowla Muzuru*PL is registered with the Polish Felinology Association (PZF) - the oldest club of purebred cats breeders in Poland under the auspices of the World Cat Federation (WCF) .

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